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"Most people don't lead their lives - they accept their lives." 

- John Maxwell

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You are the leader of your life, the captain of your soul.  The quality of your thoughts will determine the direction of your life.  Lead well!

“Crystal is a dynamic storyteller with a message that inspires and engages a multigenerational audience.  She is a game changer.”

- Mary Holcombe

“Dr. VM drops nuggets of truth that make you feel motivated to live a better life.  She hits you right in the face with her inspiring anecdotes.”

- Amanda Hanson

“Crystal is an outstanding and gifted speaker!  Her ability to craft messages for specific audiences, combined with her body of expertise is sure to inform and motivate audiences. With her incredible energy, the use of stories, and practical strategies, attendees will leave uplifted and inspired..”

- Jenny Christiansen

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Read Mind Moxie and Master What's Mastering You!


Check out The Soul Gym online course, and go from Flabby to Fith Without Stepping Foot in the Gym! 

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Check out The Soul Gym podcast and Train Your Mind, so you can Transform Your Life! 

Leadercise Your Life

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Leadership is influence - nothing more - nothing less.                      - John Maxwell

When you MAX OUT your influential capacity you will see a massive change in your life, and the lives of others, so you can leave a significant change in the world.  LEADERCISE YOUR LIFE! 

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