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4 Steps to Heal "Suck"cess Syndrome and Eliminate Excessive Suckiness

When diagnosed with a disease, one of the first questions we ask is … how did I get it? gender. The disease is highly contagious and spreading fast: Suck-cess Syndrome. A life suffocating under excessive suckiness. Suckiness: the state or condition of being sucky; inferiority or badness. The symptoms: living flat and uninspired, wearing elastic waistbands (not the cute kind), and dreaming of days gone by.

Diagnosis: How'd I get it?

When diagnosed with a disease, one of the first questions we ask is … how did I get it? The cares of the world infect our soul. We are loaded down with unresolved conflict, unforgiveness, and uncontrolled worry: resulting in excessive suckiness. We try to control people and circumstances … which is futile. So we complain, overindulge, and live with a sense of dread.

Contagious: Is it contagious?

Be encouraged … is highly contagious and attracts bad news like a magnet. So if you watch, listen, or hang around soul-suckers you'll become contaminated.

Cure: Is there a cure?

Be encouraged ... there is a cure. Here are four steps to heal Suck-cess Syndrome.

1. H - Honesty.

Looking honestly at our life can be painful. The mistakes, memories, and missed opportunities can haunt us. There is nothing we can do about yesterday, but today can be the start of a new life.

2. E - Evaluate.

Evaluate your habits. What we spend our time doing is a result of what we spend our time thinking about. Analyze your faith, fitness, food, friends, finances, and fun. Set some goals and eliminate the negative thoughts that trap us in a cycle of "Suckcess."

3. A - Appreciate.

Nothing gets us out of our funk like appreciating our blessings. Start a gratitude journal and start looking at what you have instead of what you don't have. 

4. L - Let go.

Unshackle your heart from the people who have done you wrong, make amends with those you can, and let go of what you cannot control.

Take your life from excessive suckiness to excessive success!

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